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Dominique Wilkins

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Dominique Wilkins

a name that reverberates in the annals of basketball history, is a player whose story is as inspiring as his on-court prowess. Born Jacques Dominique Wilkins on January 12, 1960, in Paris, France, he was raised by his father, a sergeant in the U.S. Air Force, and his mother, Gertrude Baker. His family’s military background took him to various places before he finally settled in Washington, North Carolina for his high school years. Wilkins’ basketball journey began in earnest at the University of Georgia, where he showcased his prodigious talent. Post-college, he went on to have an illustrious professional career primarily with the Atlanta Hawks. Known for his acrobatic slam dunks, he was aptly nicknamed “the Human Highlight Film.”

His list of achievements is extensive. From being a member of the NBA All-Rookie Team in 1983 to earning a spot on seven All-NBA teams and nine consecutive all-star squads, Wilkins was a force to reckon with on the court. He was also a two-time winner of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, proving his mettle as one of the best dunkers in NBA history. Among his most memorable moments was leading the Hawks to four consecutive 50-win seasons during the 1980s. His passion, skill, and commitment to the sport have left an indelible mark, inspiring future generations of basketball enthusiasts.

Off the court, Wilkins has been equally impactful. His philanthropic efforts are noteworthy, underlining his commitment to giving back to the community. These endeavors extend his influence beyond the world of sports, making him a role model for young and old alike.

Wilkins & Longman Management Group is proud to celebrate and manage Dominique Wilkins, as well as continue the legacy of his life and career. Stay tuned for upcoming events that will offer an intimate look at this basketball legend, exploring his journey, his challenges, and his triumphs. This is a chance to witness the story of a man who soared on the basketball court and continues to inspire off it. Get ready to be moved, inspired, and awed by the life of Dominique Wilkins.