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Stephen M. LaBar, Jr.

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  • Client : Stephen M. LaBar, Jr.
  • Category : Acting

Stephen M. LaBar, Jr.

an up and coming actor known for Deceptive State (2023), Passengers (2016), Stranger Things: Season 1 and Season 2 (2016), and The Martial Arts Kid (2015).  Born Stephen M. LaBar, Jr. on December 26th, 1968, in upstate New York.  He moved to Buford, Georgia in December of 1990 to pursue his Martial Arts Career.  A 3rd Degree Black Belt in Yoshukai Karate who actively trains, travels, and teaches at various Dojo’s in the the Southeastern United States. One of his passions is sharing his knowledge and experiences from 34 years of Martial Arts Training.

He’s also a successful small business owner in the Metro Atlanta area owning and operating The Martial Arts Store®, SS Mobile Repair, LLC, Computer Specialist, and Homes By LaBar, LLC.