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Wilkins & Longman Management Group is a premier sports management company that specializes in managing players across various professional sports leagues such as the NBA (National Basketball Association), NFL (National Football League), NHL (National Hockey League), MLB (Major League Baseball), and MLS (Major League Soccer). They handle contract negotiations, endorsements, public relations, and overall career management for their clients.

To become a client of Wilkins & Longman Management Group, you would typically need to be a professional athlete or an aspiring one in the leagues they service. The best way to start the process is by reaching out directly to their team via their official website or contact number. They will guide you through the specifics of their client onboarding process.

Wilkins & Longman Management Group separates itself from other sports management companies through its comprehensive approach to athlete management. Beyond contract negotiations and securing endorsements, they offer public relations support and career guidance to ensure their clients are successful both on and off the field. Their dedication to their clients' overall well-being sets them apart in the industry.

Wilkins & Longman Management Group negotiates a variety of contracts on behalf of their clients. This includes playing contracts with teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and MLS, as well as endorsement deals with brands. They aim to secure the most favorable terms for their clients, leveraging their expertise and relationships within the industry.

Wilkins & Longman Management Group handles public relations for their clients by managing their public image, handling press inquiries, and coordinating media opportunities. They work closely with clients to develop a personal brand that aligns with their career goals and values, and they use their industry connections to create opportunities for positive exposure.

Absolutely, Wilkins & Longman Management Group is committed to supporting their clients through all phases of their careers, including transitions post-retirement. They offer guidance on exploring new career opportunities, such as broadcasting, coaching, or business ventures. Their goal is to ensure their clients are prepared for life after sports.


Client Testimonials

  • Excellent!!

"From the hardwood floors of my childhood to the echoing arenas of my dreams, basketball has been my constant. As

Jacob Wilkins

Jacob Wilkins Basketball Star

  • Excellent!!

"I've had the privilege of being a part of many teams throughout my career, both on and off the basketball

Dominique Wilkins

Dominique Wilkins Basketball Star

  • Excellent!!

I cannot say enough about WLMG!  They have worked tirelessly to take my acting career to the next level since

Stephen M. LaBar, Jr.

Stephen M. LaBar, Jr. Actor